How Miami Attracts National And International Tech Players

Miami, known as “Magic City“ and major tourism hub for international visitors, is undergoing an interesting change with being on the rise to become the next major tech hub of the US. A central role in this process plays mayor Francis Suarez who offensively supports this endeavor. When someone on Twitter suggested turning Miami into the next tech hub, he simply responded with “How can I help?” However, the support of high-ranking politicians is only one aspect that attracts more and more tech-businesses to set foot in Miami. Others are the beautiful weather and the low-tax business climate, as well as, Miami being a beautiful, cosmopolitan city with an interesting mix of New Yorkers, Latin Americans, and Europeans. This melting pot of cultures and ideas provides the perfect breeding ground for a growing tech-startup ecosystem. The development already started with almost $1 bn of funding for venture-backed companies in 2020 in the city of Miami alone (vs. $327 M. in 2019).

Part of this development are GABC-member Tim Neusesser and his business-partner Dusan Stankovic. Both of them having European backgrounds, they came to the US as international students and founded their business B&C Connect at the end of 2020. With B&C Connect they strive to help companies face modern challenges like technology infrastructure and cyber security issues, or the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic that forced millions of Americans to work remotely. After graduating with their business-degrees in Atlanta the decision to move to Miami was an easy one. As B&C Connect CEO Dusan Stankovic stated “Miami seemed to offer a broad range of opportunities and appeared as the perfect location for a tech-startup.”